Sunday, December 25, 2011

And it comes down to this: Bmore at PBS, as WhoDeys "flip" Cards!

Quick Thoughts:

- So I was off by one game, I said 11-5 (that included beating Ravens) the game I messed up on: Texans, had it won though didn't we?

- If Playoffs started today, guess where we (6 seed) would play: 3 seed @Texans ;) Retribution? (hard to call a playoff win for this young team on the road but it would be fun ;)

- I hope Dalton doesn't get injured, you know Bmore is gonna send the farm

- Simpson's flip? sweet, just a taste of the excitment this team has brought us all year ;)

- Once again we beat a losing team, (9 times 9 wins)  now as i said: we have one more chance to beat a winner, we will either carry the "Beat losers only label" (see Reds 2010) or head into the playoffs knowing we beat a quality Defense, thats right, Flacko Offense is the least of our worries (but the D must still play one of there best games of the year! Why? Their D definitely will play huge! Nugent be ready! This could easily be one of those 12-9 games.....

- Whatever Happens Cincy you've given us an amazing and surprising year, and I would be one of the 40K down at PBS watchin ya ( I don't blame anyone that has chosen not to spend money on a team that hasn't won a playoff game in 20 years) Win It! Win Anything and they will come!

- A Merry Bengal Xmas to all!

- WhoDey on into 2012 !

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gotta Be In IT, To Win IT, and guess whos back in IT WhoDeys ;)

Well here we go again, with the win over the Rams today, the National media is talking about Cincy playoff possibilities. Thats 8 times we we have played losing teams and we have won them all. At this rate, theres only one winning team remaining on our sked that can keep us from the Playoffs: Baltiomore! Final Game at PBS. If Jets and Cincy win out, its comes down to strength of sked. From

» The Bengals and Jets are tied for that last AFC Wild Card spot at 8-6 overall and 6-5 in the AFC. But if they finish tied, says the Jets still hold the tiebreakers based on best winning percentage in common games. Plus, the Jets have a higher strength of victory percentage at .396-.304

Winning only against losers (the what if's loom large now: what if we had just fallen on the fumble v Texans, what if we could have sucked it up a few more minutes to beat the Steelers) is getting old, but it is what it is, and those W's are great stepping stones for the young squad.  We have one more chance (at least) to overcome that sad status versus B'more. 

Superstar: Green, as he breaks the 1000 yard mark with another 100 + game he is now 3 yards (or somethin like that) from  #80, Collinsworth rookie yards record. Coincidently the long lanky one, recieved his bombs from another #14 one Kenny Anderson, nice karma for young Dalton ;)

Thoughts/Tweets during the game: (One thing that was itching me wrong were the fans frustration over Rams playing us tough in the first half, folks, we are a young team on the road, since when is this team so entitled to beat the Rams up? This team is still forming, we should barely be favored on the Road v anyone!) 

O BTW Jets play Giants in Meadowlands (hmmmm) and @ Dolphins (double hmmmm) I like ;)

At The half: when the stat worst team in the NFL was beating us with chip shots 6-3:

@ Steven S Not sure where  Playoff (talk) came from, dont deserve it folks W's (over) Bills/Browns/Titans/Jags/Colts/Sea Chickens=losing teams, Not Ready YET!

@ ESPN Stats & Info 

Andy Dalton cleared 3,000 passing yards this season for . 2011 is 1st NFL season with 2 rookie QB throw for 3,000+ yards (Newton).

And with Tebowmania about to strike (ooops, Pats said nope!) and Dolphins anchients cebrating Pack loss:

@ Steven S 

My  keep beating up on losers only, Miami Blue hairs pop champagne again, and Hoody Vs Goody kickin off 

Me on FB
‎#NFL Sundays are so much better when #Bengals win! Thank you boys for showing up!

And Finally. Katelyn summed it all up:

 Katelyn Kinnett ♥:

Friday, December 16, 2011

Bengal Reality Sets Gates er, Tate er, TJ Yates. wait ,who? Beats Cincy....

Previous Winning excitement has turned to reality that after playoff talk throughout the NFL, the Bengals playoffs hopes took a huge hit in the loss to the Texans. It wouldnt be that bad if we werent beat by some QB named:

1) Yancy Gates (oh sorry another "...ates" he was busy beating something else, rediculously enough: ....or....

2) Tony Yates, wait he was a UC player (Champ team 61/62) and Coach during MY, UC years (Metro Conference BBall We sucked!) ....or......

3) TJ Yates ??? yea thats its, wait, who? You know what, I dont care, not even looking it up, but it was huge for The Texans, From " Yates led the biggest drive in Texans history on Sunday, one that put them in the end zone and the playoffs." My Post game tweet: 

" @ Steven S Congrats  Youve deserved this for quite sometime! Youv'e got your division,  I had no expectations So No Dissapointment: 2012!" ummm some sugar coating there......then.... 
" @ Steven S Losing 4/5 cant see  winning 2 go 10-6 so that may b it! Next?:  baby!   and the boys!  ! CYA!"

Even an exciting mid-year run cant stimy the dissapointment brought on by the hype of a young Dalton Led Bengals. But its all good, cliche quote of the year: "Wait till next year." No cliche ever spoke more truth, this WhoDey squad promises hope, and Bengal fans, going into an offseason, thats better than most years. sigh...Low Expectations Cincy, Low Expectations, stay real, peace, out!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

We Were Who I Thought We Were, and Its All Good Bengal Fans!

Nov 27:

"12/4 @ Pittsburgh 28-27 Steelers......hmmmm, I really wish that first loss 3 weeks ago would have been @Heinz, because we could say: paybacks! Well heres to saying the same, but at Pitt, for Rookie Dalton it may be too much: Steelers Win, but wait what if, just what if Bengals shock the world? and Go 8-4, well then You know what? Playoffs! But for now it will be: 7-5"

Theres really not much to comment on, the kids just were not ready fo primetime today. The only prob was the final score, 35/38-??? the game was no surprise to me, chalk another learning experience up for the young boys....onto next week, and the D getting their swagger back, and Andy and the O getting there grove back: Onward!

Texans will not be easy, they continue to win with a strong D no matter who the QB is. Rams in dome, new environment for Dalton, then home v Cards & Purple Birds, 1 week at a time Cincy!

WHO DEY? !! yes Pitt i Know WE DEY: this time! ;)

Sunday Night Football update:“@CincyGy: Coach Dungy on @SNFonNBC sais #Bengals have leg up on WC with three homegames: Texans/Ravens will be tough, But who am I 2 argue ;)”

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Yawwwwn..oh sorry: Bengals Sweep Battle of Ohio II : Next ;)...not really, Relax Brownies ;)

So we beat immediate reaction: Yawwwn. Thats what winning will do to a fanbase, when you beat someone your supposed to. But wait, any win in the NFL is huge right? Rich Eisen on the NFL Network said we "evaded disaster" by beating our northern Ohio rivals. So not only Bengal fans, but popular talking heads are now "expecting" Bengal wins over certain teams. Green shined as very few recievers can in the NFL right now, the Rookie will soon be giving Dalton and Cam a run for their R.O.Y. honors. Gresham was huge, Benson rushed for 100+ until late conservative play calling and tough Browns D line erased a few yards. It was as Eisen called it a
"hard fought" win for Cincy. But some are now becoming: expected. And since our expectations are now being realized lets analyze where we may be after 16 games, since Cincy continues to be mentioned in the Wild Card picture:

12/4 @ Pittsburgh 28-27 Steelers......hmmmm, I really wish that first loss 3 weeks ago would have been @Heinz, because we could say: paybacks! Well heres to saying the same, but at Pitt, for Rookie Dalton it may be too much: Steelers Win, but wait what if, just what if Bengals shock the world? and Go 8-4, well then You know what? Playoffs! But for now it will be: 7-5

12/11 Texans: To close to call but well go out on a limb, cause if we lose to Pitt we CANT lose at Home and if we beat Pitt then we will beat Texans, Dalton has biggest day yet, D plays huge: 34 - 17 Cincy: 8-5

12/15 @ Rams: Cincy 28 - 17 why? expectations: 9-5 

12/22  Cardinals: Cincy 21 - 10 why? ditto above, with the final two games at home, this should propel Cincy to two strong home games: 10-5 

1/1: Ravens: here it is the season finally, possibly Daltons most important game, this result could get Cincy in the playoffs Cincy has it retribution and beats Bmore at home: 21-20, 11-5

The problem is this is to good to be true, the Texans and @ Rams could definitely go differently, thats would be a swing of two games to 9-7, either way that may be good enough but theres 3 teams within 1 game of Cincy who If season ended today after 3/4 of the season. That's right Bengals fans I said:  Playoffs!

Ok, enough dreaming, its not even Xmas and there aint no sugar plum fairies dancing in my head or playoff thoughts: Its too early for all that, but its not to early to stop BEING CONSERVATIVE ! Jay Gruden we aint complaining, just wondering, 1st and goal, 3 Benson runs to play it safe, what if Nugent ganks it? Why not a simple play action pass on third down instead of the I formation? With the confidence of Dalton at an all time rookie high ;)  wouldn't it have been nice to see an attempt at 6? Is the rook ready? I would say so, look at champs (Brady/Peyton) they go for the jugular, and if the pass wasn't there, Andys smart enough (sais his wunderlick of 29, QB average is 24: to throw it out of the back of the end zone. My point is, Cincy for years has been conservative, there will come a time when a surprise, using the strength of our QB may payoff: Just sayin ;)

Finally the Bengals pointing gesture at the name on back of jersey, Greene coined it and now Gresham was emulating it. Here's Green using both thumbs to bring attention to who made the play in case you didn't know it ;) :
Heres AJ Green again , forcing the Browns to read his number, no pointing required:

And as long as he's doing that,  well look the other way when he's reminding us who just made an incredible play. 

Being old school I prefer the team concept over bringing attention to the name on the back of the jersey (we had a receiver that did that for 10 years, even changing his family name to an inaccurate Spanish translation for his  number. Eighty Five is: Ochenta y Cinco but thats Ok Chad, I'm from Cincy and growing up in Clifton while in college at UC after late nights drinking away Bengals losses and sometime victories, we thought Del Taco was authentic Mexican also ;) I digress: Gresham also after this incredible catch and TD:

Immediately afterwards Gresham did the same gesture making sure we knew who made the play. To this Bengal fan all that matters is that it was a Bengals with stripes on his uniform that made the play, not the name of the player. We know we have great receivers in Greens and Gresham, and there something to be said for winning with humility. 

"Give me a man one who will be proud and unbending in honest defeat, and humble and gentle in victory. ~ Douglas MacArthur  

I know that would be impossible to expect from all of today's players, so I really don't, but when you see a player hand the ball to the ref, and hustle to embrace his players, O what a difference. We love ya Green and Gresh. Winning as a team is the ultimate prize and that, I hope, is the players goal!! 

Press on Who Deys!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanks(for)Giving us a Rejuvinated NFL Season Cincy Bengals


This season and its results have come out of no-where and we are fortunate. I am thankful for such a quick resurgence into slight NFL respectability in the post: Palmer-Chad Era. Notice I didn't mention TO, he didn't add much, but did cause a "better getcha popcorn" false bravado that never quite "popped".

I suffered no disappointment in Cincy's loss to either Pitt or Bmore, even though our rising young talent is starting to tease us with their capabilities and possibly dare I say: Wild Card Chances???? I have/had no expectations for post season, which is why I guess I had no disappointment in loosing to the #2 and #3 defenses in the NFL. We were "in" both games, and just missed upsetting the Ravens with the help of a blown call, that was a TD by Dalton to Gresham.                   You be the Judge: ,
AND even with that, I wasn't the slight bit disappointed: Why? THE POSSIBLE FUTURES OF ANDY DALTON AND THIS SQUAD!!!

Some might say: WIN NOW! Thats always my motto, but when I see the rookie drive THIS team on THOSE teams down the field time after time, It makes me giddy! Should/Could we ever have Super Bowl type expectations from this rookie? Well, no other rookie has done it, so lets chill out on the over hyped expectations, you know who you are: the always disgruntled Bengal Fans, that were whining about blown calls after the loss to the ravens..Yes it would be great for this Cincy rook to "win now", but lets be realistic: none of this was expected, and what do we have? A young explosive defense with Peko and Rey Rey, an O line that has members talked about as maybe the best in the league: Thank you Mr Whitworth, and even our hyped, oft-injured top pick from 'Bama is starting to pay off, isn't that right Mr Smith? And were glad your keeping your shirt on when the red light goes off, uggg.... just in case you forgot and you'd like some man-jiggle image to help that Turkey digest:

Cortesy ESPN

Andre, do us all a favor, when ya hit the beach, hook up a XXXXL singlet or something, savi? Enough makin fun the young man whlo is playin and playin well....thats why we signed him, with the Moobs, afterall the SEC dominator is one reason why Mr Dalton is excelling!

And if you need a few more reasons not to be disgruntle by two losses in a row, Dalton and squad is doing all this with NO full preseason and the last two weeks, and NO AJ Green (O, and BTW a Bengals TGiving Update @  GREEN IS A GO ! in Buckeye battle II)

Oh and the Tgiving nightcap 49'ers at Ravens Twitter comment:
" @ Steven S If that's the best the NFC has to offer I'm not impressed, Rookie Dalton carved up the Bmore Defense last week, Alex Smith is overwhelmed !

That's why this Bengal loyalist is happy and thankful for what has been served to us so far on TGiving 2011


Monday, November 14, 2011

Marvin "We can and we will."...Moral Victory for Cincy!!!


I normally dont buy that "Moral Victory" stuff, this time? OK, why?  I dont think Daltons confidence is fazed one bit. And If he is growoing into the leader we think he is: watch the heck out: haters, steelers, etc, etc ;) 

Down 14-0 early, last years Bungles would have crawled up in a furball and died, not these Bengals, 5 + sacks later, an Injured AJ Green, Dalton and D fought till the end: NO Shame, be proud of your Boys Cincy I am!!!

The usually grumpy, salty, sarcastic Marv is now even a beliver:  "I don't think this team has to worry about being able to play the so-called elite in the AFC," Bengals coach Marvin Lewis said. "We can and we will."

Lance Mcallisters Quote of day: "We can play with the elite, now we have to beat the elite"--Marvin with Lap on 700 WLW

Read more:

Random but relevant thoughts:

* AJ's absence leaves a huge void in offensive attack
* Nothing fazes Dalton: he stays focused and motivated
* Our lack of secondary depth concerns the bejeezus outa me
Nothing fazea Dalton: he stays focused and motivated
* The defenseve line is impressive and improving
Nothing fazes Dalton: he stays focused and motivated
* 0 sacks and great protection by O line + a AJ Smith sighting and strong play!!!!
and finally!
Nothing fazes Dalton: he stays focused and motivated

Lastly heres to much more of this in a few weeks:


Press on Whodeys!!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bengals Tweets Of Week 8

AJ leaves two Titans KO'ed (Don CPEAK USPresswire)

From the timeline of the 6-2 comeback win by the WhoDeys:

@whodey_girl Good Who Dey Morning! RT @richeisen: Your current 1 and 2 seeds in the AFC are the Bengals and Texans. And NINE weeks in too. Believe it.

@AdamSchefter RT @YoungSimba28: Andy Dalton. Franchise quarterback? ... Possibly. For now, I'm going with very good young QB. Time to add to that.

@AdamSchefter RT @VETTESPD20: Who wins next week bengals or steelers?? Who dey!!!! ... Bengals are a big threat to Baltimore and Pittsburgh.

@whodeybaby Gotta love it!! RT @whodey_girl: @whodeybaby Our #Bengals bandwagon is getting bigger and our haters are getting louder :)

Posted after telling my boys In Cali who were pimping Palmer after the His underthrown but nice ore halftime TD toss, I told them wait till he has to come from behind: Good for 3 Ints. Result loss, and 3 Ints:

@CincyGy Carson same ol same ol his talent quit on him like he did Cincy nice passer never been a closer, #Bengals get over, #Raiders pics please ;)

Oh yea, in case you need a reminder thats its Steeler Week #1 ;)

@DarthRedsFan I want that shirt that says "You bet your sweet ass I hate the Steelers." #WhoDey!

Whatever happens over the next 4 weeks, We got your back Andy and boys! 8-4,  hows that sound? More to come Friday!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Dalton blew past NFL rookie puberty and Carroll blames Harmones??!! Say What?

Before I get to the praise of the maturing young WhoDeys I just came upon Carrolls excuse for his coaching bumble: Raging Hormones? Well this Seattle Fans hormones were certainly raging, i think.....
Hes (she? it?) is either saying "Come to me my little seachickens you need a hug" (and a QB) or "Thats right its 4th and 2, we dont need guaranteed points, were in Daltons Head, run it in for 6". OOOPS, not so fast, said one of the top Defenses in the league. Cincy's D held going into the half and Carrolls blaming hormones!! hahah, what???
Carrolls hormonal rant: "We learned about what happens when a coach gets hormonal and tries to freakin' jam it down their throat..." Wait, what? The last time I checked ( and i just did to make sure ) Raging Hormones is a welcome thing for boys when women have them! Coach were not too sure what to say, but were glad your hormones were acting up Sunday!

While Carroll was having strange biological coaching flubs, Dalton was busy kinda doing the same: Advanced NFL Rookie Puberty! He has reached it and is knocking down the walls. Heard on ESPN after the Bengals Victory: "Dalton is the leading Rookie of the year Candidate" He handled the vaunted 12th man noise like all get out. Yes there were a few false starts early, but Cincy got up 10-3 early and never looked back. Leading TD passes to a surging and goal-post-dunking Simpson. Green dinking the double move on a Seahawk defender who ankles were so wobbly he never caught up with Green who streaked in for the TD on a beaut of a ball by the Rifle. And defense subbing for a scrathced Rey Rey with players like Frostee putting Whitehurst in the sack hurt locker and Scott filling in nicely for Benson. Dont forget PacMan: first touch in 12 months: Boom! Oh how pleasantly surprised we all are, and how refreshing!

Early winning in a rookie career can go a long way, the amount of confidence that comes with winning can build a foundation that's hard to shake. Ask a young later round pick named one Joe Montana. What Bengal QB ever started 5-2...Hmmm Doug don't make me go look this up (ill give u a few days ;) Anyone?

First West Coast win since frikkin 2003!
First Sweep and Winning October since the Reds were capturing their first of the back 2 back VS Chowds: 1975!

Yes the first 7 games were the easy part of our shed, record of Oct opponents: 9-19 Novembers 18-11. Dalton and the youngins will be tested. Steeler week approaches! 

Hope all had a Happy Halloween, the Orange and Black of the 'Nati Tricked and Treated us to a sweet Win! Thanks Rifle and Boys! Onward!

 Who Dey!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Palmer: From Bengal Hurler to Raider Wash Out?


Carson Palmer Timeline:

Bengal Hurler > Cali Quitter > Raider Savior? (chukle) = Cincys Pirate Booty: 2 first round draft picks! >Back to Raider Hurler or Raider Washout: time will tell.....

At first glance Palmers return from of his self elected "retirement" seemed like a win/win for the Bengals and Palmer. Palmer gets to play again, and Mike Browns curmudgeonly old stubborn ways netted Cincy 1 for sure, and possibly 2, 1st round draft picks. Nice! And by the looks of it, it was the same ol' "lack-of-confidence" Palmer, who threw three interceptions in his over-hyped debut. Sorry Raiders, we wish you the best, and Palmer much success but guess what: WE GOT OVER! and WE GOT DALTON! I truly cant believe Brown won an off field bargaining victory, but he did and we reap the bene's of this move for years to come!

Look what Palmers Quitting has netted:

1. Dalton Starting! and Wala! A rookie who is hungry, talented, un-tainted by the Bungles past and: Winning: Immediately!
2. 1 guaranteed 1st round draft pick
3. 1 possible 1st round draft (Raiders have to win a playoff game in 2011 for this to happen)
4. Raiders have to pay Palmers 2011: 11 Million salary, While we pay Dalton 1.3 Mill, I say Brown should buy us all beers with that extra cash for wasted years w/Palmer, Ok ,well take a reinvestment in the team, or Mike how about that Practice Bubble so you don't have to mooch of the Bearcat digs!

Palmers Quitting: A Huge Bengal Blessing of surprises!

We cant forget the good times: There were some great games Carson, we thank you for wins over the Steelers:

But too often you ended up like this, bloodied and beaten:
And to top it off, The Hit, the one moment you did your best to come back, others take the same hit and make it back, sorry Carson. it happened but what could have been, eh?


Many are praising this acquisition of  a weaker looking Palmer, as the next "Franchize QB of the Raiders, for years to come"  quoted by JT the Brick, a Raider Homer on Fox radio. He was beside himself, and all I could do was chuckle. Why? Palmer hasn't been an effective leader, a dominator of the field for years His soft spoken style left many wondering about his ability to motivate a group of hungry men down a field, and always made me wonder if he had IT! IT = the kind of instinct that makes a player dive headfirst, "Elway style" into a wall of line backers to score. If your not that kind of QB, then you better have the confidence of a Montana/or Brady: Palmer never did in my book. Or one better have the surgery-minded-bring-your-team-to-the-line-and-strike style of a Peyton Manning. What do all those QB's have in common: SB Rings, and Palmer teams never won 1 playoff game, it shocks me to this day to say that.
It always seemed Palmer never put all the necessary SB QB traits together, although exhibiting them individually from time to time, It was never enough, and now looking back on his Bengal career, what happened in the end: He Quit.  When he first did this I agreed with him, wondering why anyone would want to stay on this sinking ship called the "Bungles". Well I was wrong, and the youth of Dalton, Green, an already ranked #1 Defense have proved me wrong and I'm happy to recognize it! In the end, you can never, "JUST QUIT BABY!" (Doesnt seem like ol Al Davis' (RIP) "JUST WIN BABY", style would have taken a quitter does it?)  Palmer has that label now, (and my Navy Buddy Marty M's: "'Dem Raiders" are the ones that have to deal with it, why they, deal us: 2 FIRST ROUND DRAFT PICKS! (giggle giggle I cant stop, sorry)

We wish Palmer the best, really: a healthy, rejuvenated career to the Cali Boy, but as a dear friend of mine said in Cincy: "the Folks in Cincy have already moved on " Oh yes, we have, and what did we get: 2 first round picks for a guy who didn't want to be in Cincy, who played horribly in 2010, leading last years "Bungles" to a putrid 4-12 season, and who's leadership qualities never truly materialized in Cincy. The quiet leader left Cincy, with an un-established legacy, when you quit, you got out with a whimper, not a roar, and the Stripes in Cincy may be poised to roar again. Even if the young new Bengals are more like young cats finding their way in the NFL Jungle, it sure is fun watching them, and when was the last time we said that about Palm...what was his name? That's right, doesn't matter, Bengals have suddenly become relevant and headed is a new direction, with draft picks to come. Ill take those any day over a Mike Brown bought beer (it prob would have been a cheep 'Nati Light anyway) Now Mike just don't screw the pic's, K? ;)

Who Dey!?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fresh Air in Bengalnation

This Blog was created during the debacle that was the 2010 Bengals, there simply wasn't a reason to get excited, well along comes Andy Dalton, AJ, Jerome, and Rey Rey Rey chompin', and a team that doesn't know Bungle history, Hello 2011, Hello refreshing outlook, Anybody want to buy my Carson Jersey: Cheap? (I won it at a Sports bar)

Ocho & TO Gone, Palmer quit/Gone, annnnnddd: The Bengals are winning,  WITH the coaching staff and owner that get all the blame, BUT the New Players on the field, with a  POSITIVE, UNSELFISH, attitude: their winning,  No Coincidence! Palmer not wanting to report and honor his contract (something that at the time I supported and I was wrong, you don't quit: ever!) may have been the best thing that happened to Cincy in the off season, Go ahead with your bad self: Andy Dalton, Aj Green, Rey Rey etc. Welcome to the fresh air ;) We needed you!