Sunday, December 25, 2011

And it comes down to this: Bmore at PBS, as WhoDeys "flip" Cards!

Quick Thoughts:

- So I was off by one game, I said 11-5 (that included beating Ravens) the game I messed up on: Texans, had it won though didn't we?

- If Playoffs started today, guess where we (6 seed) would play: 3 seed @Texans ;) Retribution? (hard to call a playoff win for this young team on the road but it would be fun ;)

- I hope Dalton doesn't get injured, you know Bmore is gonna send the farm

- Simpson's flip? sweet, just a taste of the excitment this team has brought us all year ;)

- Once again we beat a losing team, (9 times 9 wins)  now as i said: we have one more chance to beat a winner, we will either carry the "Beat losers only label" (see Reds 2010) or head into the playoffs knowing we beat a quality Defense, thats right, Flacko Offense is the least of our worries (but the D must still play one of there best games of the year! Why? Their D definitely will play huge! Nugent be ready! This could easily be one of those 12-9 games.....

- Whatever Happens Cincy you've given us an amazing and surprising year, and I would be one of the 40K down at PBS watchin ya ( I don't blame anyone that has chosen not to spend money on a team that hasn't won a playoff game in 20 years) Win It! Win Anything and they will come!

- A Merry Bengal Xmas to all!

- WhoDey on into 2012 !

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