Sunday, December 25, 2011

And it comes down to this: Bmore at PBS, as WhoDeys "flip" Cards!

Quick Thoughts:

- So I was off by one game, I said 11-5 (that included beating Ravens) the game I messed up on: Texans, had it won though didn't we?

- If Playoffs started today, guess where we (6 seed) would play: 3 seed @Texans ;) Retribution? (hard to call a playoff win for this young team on the road but it would be fun ;)

- I hope Dalton doesn't get injured, you know Bmore is gonna send the farm

- Simpson's flip? sweet, just a taste of the excitment this team has brought us all year ;)

- Once again we beat a losing team, (9 times 9 wins)  now as i said: we have one more chance to beat a winner, we will either carry the "Beat losers only label" (see Reds 2010) or head into the playoffs knowing we beat a quality Defense, thats right, Flacko Offense is the least of our worries (but the D must still play one of there best games of the year! Why? Their D definitely will play huge! Nugent be ready! This could easily be one of those 12-9 games.....

- Whatever Happens Cincy you've given us an amazing and surprising year, and I would be one of the 40K down at PBS watchin ya ( I don't blame anyone that has chosen not to spend money on a team that hasn't won a playoff game in 20 years) Win It! Win Anything and they will come!

- A Merry Bengal Xmas to all!

- WhoDey on into 2012 !

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gotta Be In IT, To Win IT, and guess whos back in IT WhoDeys ;)

Well here we go again, with the win over the Rams today, the National media is talking about Cincy playoff possibilities. Thats 8 times we we have played losing teams and we have won them all. At this rate, theres only one winning team remaining on our sked that can keep us from the Playoffs: Baltiomore! Final Game at PBS. If Jets and Cincy win out, its comes down to strength of sked. From

» The Bengals and Jets are tied for that last AFC Wild Card spot at 8-6 overall and 6-5 in the AFC. But if they finish tied, says the Jets still hold the tiebreakers based on best winning percentage in common games. Plus, the Jets have a higher strength of victory percentage at .396-.304

Winning only against losers (the what if's loom large now: what if we had just fallen on the fumble v Texans, what if we could have sucked it up a few more minutes to beat the Steelers) is getting old, but it is what it is, and those W's are great stepping stones for the young squad.  We have one more chance (at least) to overcome that sad status versus B'more. 

Superstar: Green, as he breaks the 1000 yard mark with another 100 + game he is now 3 yards (or somethin like that) from  #80, Collinsworth rookie yards record. Coincidently the long lanky one, recieved his bombs from another #14 one Kenny Anderson, nice karma for young Dalton ;)

Thoughts/Tweets during the game: (One thing that was itching me wrong were the fans frustration over Rams playing us tough in the first half, folks, we are a young team on the road, since when is this team so entitled to beat the Rams up? This team is still forming, we should barely be favored on the Road v anyone!) 

O BTW Jets play Giants in Meadowlands (hmmmm) and @ Dolphins (double hmmmm) I like ;)

At The half: when the stat worst team in the NFL was beating us with chip shots 6-3:

@ Steven S Not sure where  Playoff (talk) came from, dont deserve it folks W's (over) Bills/Browns/Titans/Jags/Colts/Sea Chickens=losing teams, Not Ready YET!

@ ESPN Stats & Info 

Andy Dalton cleared 3,000 passing yards this season for . 2011 is 1st NFL season with 2 rookie QB throw for 3,000+ yards (Newton).

And with Tebowmania about to strike (ooops, Pats said nope!) and Dolphins anchients cebrating Pack loss:

@ Steven S 

My  keep beating up on losers only, Miami Blue hairs pop champagne again, and Hoody Vs Goody kickin off 

Me on FB
‎#NFL Sundays are so much better when #Bengals win! Thank you boys for showing up!

And Finally. Katelyn summed it all up:

 Katelyn Kinnett ♥:

Friday, December 16, 2011

Bengal Reality Sets Gates er, Tate er, TJ Yates. wait ,who? Beats Cincy....

Previous Winning excitement has turned to reality that after playoff talk throughout the NFL, the Bengals playoffs hopes took a huge hit in the loss to the Texans. It wouldnt be that bad if we werent beat by some QB named:

1) Yancy Gates (oh sorry another "...ates" he was busy beating something else, rediculously enough: ....or....

2) Tony Yates, wait he was a UC player (Champ team 61/62) and Coach during MY, UC years (Metro Conference BBall We sucked!) ....or......

3) TJ Yates ??? yea thats its, wait, who? You know what, I dont care, not even looking it up, but it was huge for The Texans, From " Yates led the biggest drive in Texans history on Sunday, one that put them in the end zone and the playoffs." My Post game tweet: 

" @ Steven S Congrats  Youve deserved this for quite sometime! Youv'e got your division,  I had no expectations So No Dissapointment: 2012!" ummm some sugar coating there......then.... 
" @ Steven S Losing 4/5 cant see  winning 2 go 10-6 so that may b it! Next?:  baby!   and the boys!  ! CYA!"

Even an exciting mid-year run cant stimy the dissapointment brought on by the hype of a young Dalton Led Bengals. But its all good, cliche quote of the year: "Wait till next year." No cliche ever spoke more truth, this WhoDey squad promises hope, and Bengal fans, going into an offseason, thats better than most years. sigh...Low Expectations Cincy, Low Expectations, stay real, peace, out!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

We Were Who I Thought We Were, and Its All Good Bengal Fans!

Nov 27:

"12/4 @ Pittsburgh 28-27 Steelers......hmmmm, I really wish that first loss 3 weeks ago would have been @Heinz, because we could say: paybacks! Well heres to saying the same, but at Pitt, for Rookie Dalton it may be too much: Steelers Win, but wait what if, just what if Bengals shock the world? and Go 8-4, well then You know what? Playoffs! But for now it will be: 7-5"

Theres really not much to comment on, the kids just were not ready fo primetime today. The only prob was the final score, 35/38-??? the game was no surprise to me, chalk another learning experience up for the young boys....onto next week, and the D getting their swagger back, and Andy and the O getting there grove back: Onward!

Texans will not be easy, they continue to win with a strong D no matter who the QB is. Rams in dome, new environment for Dalton, then home v Cards & Purple Birds, 1 week at a time Cincy!

WHO DEY? !! yes Pitt i Know WE DEY: this time! ;)

Sunday Night Football update:“@CincyGy: Coach Dungy on @SNFonNBC sais #Bengals have leg up on WC with three homegames: Texans/Ravens will be tough, But who am I 2 argue ;)”