Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Throttle Back Who Dey Fans

Relax Everyone Relax: "Mellloooow Melllooooow" "Are you mellow man?"

Ok, take deep cleansing-day-after-breaths, it was easy as this:

-The Texans played Great D, they should have being top 10 in the NFL
-So Did My Bengals D
-Dalton Floated A Few Passes
Bengals don't Drop balls, even Eifert Tower (Thinkin about You Paris!🇫🇷)

Eifert Dropped 3 huge ones:
Bengals TE Tyler Eifert: 'I played awful' IKR? Thanks Eif I know you and AD will be connecting nicely again soon :)))

- WhoDeys are 8 -1 
- This game COULD and hopefully will be a huge wakeup call.
But Ill tell you this: Cincys hardest test to date will be @Arizona and with Palmer who played amazingly against the Sea Chickens.Former #9 your not missed because the Red Rifle will have more than BB's this Sunday ;) Pow Pow ! Get em Andy!

- and Finally Andy, you've had thick skin your entire career, even keeled, nothing riles you, your great with controversy, so don't let thick Head JJ get in yours !
Relax and Enjoy the season WhoDeys !

Friday, November 13, 2015

Bengals Achilles Heel: The Secondary ! And Why WhoDeys will be 14-2 !!

Post Texan Collapse Edit: Ok Ok 13-3 ? And Andy you've had thick skin your whole career don't let thick head JJ get in yours ;) 
Stay Strong WhoDeys ! 

I have to single out our two vets. I'm sure they have drawn my ire and focus because they are always on the field..thus they get much credit for huge stops and wins this year, all that being said, i have my doubts:

         Dre Kirkpatrick and Old Man Pac Man. 

I know, I know, Adam Jones is having a Career Year".  Dre has been attempting to create a baby Revis Island lately, but whatever you do, don't google his coverage of Steve Smith in the Bmore game ;) I cant shake this feeling that once we play "elite" QB's: Quiter Palmer and Peyton, these two boys may be exposed for non elites..Pac Man: he is elite! He takes amazing risks, jumping routes etc... It has been paying off. But its those risks that could result in a receiver flying free towards the end zone. His punt returns are electric, and he might need some to make up for ??? Hey Pac just watch that fake flying arm fair catch sign that didnt work lol. Am I the stateing the obvious?:  all players have tough games, but this season will be under a much bigger and focused microscope, so if there the is too be an "exposure" of any weaknesses (aka Jeremy Hills NFL low yards per carry etc..) lets not have it happen in crunch time eh ?

I know everyone reading this (all 2 of you, thanks MOM,  wait, she hates Fball lol...glad THAT apple fell far from that tree !) is waiting for my predictions on an undefeated season, but i don't do predictions, normally. Its hard not to think of what games we could lose, undefeated ? In Ochos word "Child Pffft Olease" One thing marrero: a strong playoff run and ultimately a game in SF ;) That being said we will be no matter than 14-2:

V. Texas, JJ Watt and the Bald QB ? Is Hoyer back yet? Who cares..thats the point. There Offense is weak, thus D is on the field too much...but Cincy cant have Let down we better not!

Bengals Win 9-0 

V. Cardinals, I will never wish an injury on anyone, we've seen Quitter slumped on the ground before don't want that, but if Palmer is seen getting up slow from under a Dunlap/Atkins sandwich: Sweet!
Bengals 1st Loss? Maybe....cards remind me of The Panthers, but not as mean.WhoDey question is answered for 1st and only time? 

Bengals Lose 9-1

V. Rams and @ Brownies, Battle of OH #2

Bengals Win Both 11-1

V. Steeler week #2, Hmmmmm, no contest: 

Bengals win Big! 12 -1

V. @ Niners, trap game? Nope.

Bengals Win 13-1

V. Broncos, I will be home in the 'NaTi with all my Boyzzzz.... Will I be the sacrificial lamb fan and take one AT HOME on Monday Football for the WhoDeys ?...maybe... maybe not ! 

Bengals WIN 14-1 

V. Bmore, Sketchy Rey Rey (see blood trail and weird recent video) will NOT be coming out of the Ohio River to assist Falco, Fargo, whats that QB name whose team has disappeared ? who cares....lol

Bengals win final 15-1 

wait...my headline said 14-2, I know, I know,  but there is another loss in here somewhere...I'm just NOT trying to be Debbie Downer, but we will lose 2, maybe three games. And then, 1st round bye to Play in the Jungle, BTW I hate that vibe for a team on a roll: time off = complacency for teams that don't have winning experiences after byes. Google it, Bengals are not world beaters there. Folks this year as the last 0-12 years have: goes through Patriot Land. We must have Home-field to advance to THAT game in the Bay, and yes I will be there ! WhoDey !

Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Father of Professional Football: Paul Brown ! And The Trophy is Called "The Lombardi" ?

Ok, if were not going to change the name of the Super Bowl trophy why isn't the Coach of the year Trophy called the Paul Brown Award !!?


No one person has ever made an impact on a sport like this:

- 1st coach to use a playbook

- 1st coach to use video tape

- 1st coach to put coordinators up in the booth (in order to see the whole field and call plays)

- He Invented the 40 Yd Dash ;) that's right : Invented it! “We timed Jerry Rice in the 40 nine times,” said former Dallas Cowboysg general manager Gil Brandt. Brandt popularized the 40, but he wasn’t the first to use it. In the 1950s, Cleveland Browns coach Paul Brown is believed to have timed his players in the 40 in training camp as a means of evaluating potential starters. Why Brown picked 40 yards is a secret he took to the grave"

- Paul Brown Invented The Draw play!

- After QB Otto Graham's face got gashed, he and an engineer at Ridell designed and created a face mask, THE 1st one ! " In 1955, G.E. Morgan, a consultant to Riddell, and Paul Brown, the coach of the Cleveland Browns, invented the BT-5 face mask which is the single bar design. 

Paul Brown was a teacher and an innovator ;) The year after the mask was invented the BT-5, a single wave radio was installed in a players helmet "so the coach could give the play to the quarterback over a radio frequency. It only resulted in game time interference but the experiment (he) was ahead of its time."

- Paul Brown invented and implement the 1st plays using the West coast offence !

The Coaches that served under Paul Browns tutelage:
Bill Walsh: Multiple Super Bowl Wins
Bill Cowher: Multiple Super Bowl Wins
Don Shula Super Bowl winning Coach

Paul Brown led the way in Pro Football integration, one of the 1st coaches to sign black players. When on road games if hotels made black players use the back entrance, Coach Brown would not have his Bengals Stay there. 

Coach Browns "coaching family tree" is amazing! Google it !

You tell me, but it seems this coach should be honored, how about :

 The Paul Brown Trophy For Coaching Excellence 

WhoDey !

Monday, November 2, 2015

No #WeDeys on the #WhoDeys 7-0 !!!

No WeDeys on Sunday 'Burgh. !!!! That was the kind of ugly game Cincy always lost. And for those of you who are giggling at my 6-1 (loss) prediction, I know, where's my faith ?
Our D was incredible, holding a gimpy yet always Dangerous RBurger to 10 points and picking him off twice in an ugly game that didn't see the Bengals go ahead until a Greene TD late. Dalton, had a momentary "Opie" moment, but kept slingin the rock until the end. These resilient Bengals at 7-0 are the class of the AFC North, and this season continues to rock !

Bring on the Browns baby !!!