Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Throttle Back Who Dey Fans

Relax Everyone Relax: "Mellloooow Melllooooow" "Are you mellow man?"

Ok, take deep cleansing-day-after-breaths, it was easy as this:

-The Texans played Great D, they should have being top 10 in the NFL
-So Did My Bengals D
-Dalton Floated A Few Passes
Bengals don't Drop balls, even Eifert Tower (Thinkin about You Paris!🇫🇷)

Eifert Dropped 3 huge ones:
Bengals TE Tyler Eifert: 'I played awful' IKR? Thanks Eif I know you and AD will be connecting nicely again soon :)))

- WhoDeys are 8 -1 
- This game COULD and hopefully will be a huge wakeup call.
But Ill tell you this: Cincys hardest test to date will be @Arizona and with Palmer who played amazingly against the Sea Chickens.Former #9 your not missed because the Red Rifle will have more than BB's this Sunday ;) Pow Pow ! Get em Andy!

- and Finally Andy, you've had thick skin your entire career, even keeled, nothing riles you, your great with controversy, so don't let thick Head JJ get in yours !
Relax and Enjoy the season WhoDeys !

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