Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanks(for)Giving us a Rejuvinated NFL Season Cincy Bengals


This season and its results have come out of no-where and we are fortunate. I am thankful for such a quick resurgence into slight NFL respectability in the post: Palmer-Chad Era. Notice I didn't mention TO, he didn't add much, but did cause a "better getcha popcorn" false bravado that never quite "popped".

I suffered no disappointment in Cincy's loss to either Pitt or Bmore, even though our rising young talent is starting to tease us with their capabilities and possibly dare I say: Wild Card Chances???? I have/had no expectations for post season, which is why I guess I had no disappointment in loosing to the #2 and #3 defenses in the NFL. We were "in" both games, and just missed upsetting the Ravens with the help of a blown call, that was a TD by Dalton to Gresham.                   You be the Judge: ,
AND even with that, I wasn't the slight bit disappointed: Why? THE POSSIBLE FUTURES OF ANDY DALTON AND THIS SQUAD!!!

Some might say: WIN NOW! Thats always my motto, but when I see the rookie drive THIS team on THOSE teams down the field time after time, It makes me giddy! Should/Could we ever have Super Bowl type expectations from this rookie? Well, no other rookie has done it, so lets chill out on the over hyped expectations, you know who you are: the always disgruntled Bengal Fans, that were whining about blown calls after the loss to the ravens..Yes it would be great for this Cincy rook to "win now", but lets be realistic: none of this was expected, and what do we have? A young explosive defense with Peko and Rey Rey, an O line that has members talked about as maybe the best in the league: Thank you Mr Whitworth, and even our hyped, oft-injured top pick from 'Bama is starting to pay off, isn't that right Mr Smith? And were glad your keeping your shirt on when the red light goes off, uggg.... just in case you forgot and you'd like some man-jiggle image to help that Turkey digest:

Cortesy ESPN

Andre, do us all a favor, when ya hit the beach, hook up a XXXXL singlet or something, savi? Enough makin fun the young man whlo is playin and playin well....thats why we signed him, with the Moobs, afterall the SEC dominator is one reason why Mr Dalton is excelling!

And if you need a few more reasons not to be disgruntle by two losses in a row, Dalton and squad is doing all this with NO full preseason and the last two weeks, and NO AJ Green (O, and BTW a Bengals TGiving Update @  GREEN IS A GO ! in Buckeye battle II)

Oh and the Tgiving nightcap 49'ers at Ravens Twitter comment:
" @ Steven S If that's the best the NFC has to offer I'm not impressed, Rookie Dalton carved up the Bmore Defense last week, Alex Smith is overwhelmed !

That's why this Bengal loyalist is happy and thankful for what has been served to us so far on TGiving 2011


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