Monday, November 14, 2011

Marvin "We can and we will."...Moral Victory for Cincy!!!


I normally dont buy that "Moral Victory" stuff, this time? OK, why?  I dont think Daltons confidence is fazed one bit. And If he is growoing into the leader we think he is: watch the heck out: haters, steelers, etc, etc ;) 

Down 14-0 early, last years Bungles would have crawled up in a furball and died, not these Bengals, 5 + sacks later, an Injured AJ Green, Dalton and D fought till the end: NO Shame, be proud of your Boys Cincy I am!!!

The usually grumpy, salty, sarcastic Marv is now even a beliver:  "I don't think this team has to worry about being able to play the so-called elite in the AFC," Bengals coach Marvin Lewis said. "We can and we will."

Lance Mcallisters Quote of day: "We can play with the elite, now we have to beat the elite"--Marvin with Lap on 700 WLW

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Random but relevant thoughts:

* AJ's absence leaves a huge void in offensive attack
* Nothing fazes Dalton: he stays focused and motivated
* Our lack of secondary depth concerns the bejeezus outa me
Nothing fazea Dalton: he stays focused and motivated
* The defenseve line is impressive and improving
Nothing fazes Dalton: he stays focused and motivated
* 0 sacks and great protection by O line + a AJ Smith sighting and strong play!!!!
and finally!
Nothing fazes Dalton: he stays focused and motivated

Lastly heres to much more of this in a few weeks:


Press on Whodeys!!!!

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