Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bengals Tweets Of Week 8

AJ leaves two Titans KO'ed (Don CPEAK USPresswire)

From the timeline of the 6-2 comeback win by the WhoDeys:

@whodey_girl Good Who Dey Morning! RT @richeisen: Your current 1 and 2 seeds in the AFC are the Bengals and Texans. And NINE weeks in too. Believe it.

@AdamSchefter RT @YoungSimba28: Andy Dalton. Franchise quarterback? ... Possibly. For now, I'm going with very good young QB. Time to add to that.

@AdamSchefter RT @VETTESPD20: Who wins next week bengals or steelers?? Who dey!!!! ... Bengals are a big threat to Baltimore and Pittsburgh.

@whodeybaby Gotta love it!! RT @whodey_girl: @whodeybaby Our #Bengals bandwagon is getting bigger and our haters are getting louder :)

Posted after telling my boys In Cali who were pimping Palmer after the His underthrown but nice ore halftime TD toss, I told them wait till he has to come from behind: Good for 3 Ints. Result loss, and 3 Ints:

@CincyGy Carson same ol same ol his talent quit on him like he did Cincy nice passer never been a closer, #Bengals get over, #Raiders pics please ;)

Oh yea, in case you need a reminder thats its Steeler Week #1 ;)

@DarthRedsFan I want that shirt that says "You bet your sweet ass I hate the Steelers." #WhoDey!

Whatever happens over the next 4 weeks, We got your back Andy and boys! 8-4,  hows that sound? More to come Friday!

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