Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Father of Professional Football: Paul Brown ! And The Trophy is Called "The Lombardi" ?

Ok, if were not going to change the name of the Super Bowl trophy why isn't the Coach of the year Trophy called the Paul Brown Award !!?

No one person has ever made an impact on a sport like this:

- 1st coach to use a playbook

- 1st coach to use video tape

- 1st coach to put coordinators up in the booth (in order to see the whole field and call plays)

- He Invented the 40 Yd Dash ;) that's right : Invented it! “We timed Jerry Rice in the 40 nine times,” said former Dallas Cowboysg general manager Gil Brandt. Brandt popularized the 40, but he wasn’t the first to use it. In the 1950s, Cleveland Browns coach Paul Brown is believed to have timed his players in the 40 in training camp as a means of evaluating potential starters. Why Brown picked 40 yards is a secret he took to the grave"

- Paul Brown Invented The Draw play!

- After QB Otto Graham's face got gashed, he and an engineer at Ridell designed and created a face mask, THE 1st one ! " In 1955, G.E. Morgan, a consultant to Riddell, and Paul Brown, the coach of the Cleveland Browns, invented the BT-5 face mask which is the single bar design. 

Paul Brown was a teacher and an innovator ;) The year after the mask was invented the BT-5, a single wave radio was installed in a players helmet "so the coach could give the play to the quarterback over a radio frequency. It only resulted in game time interference but the experiment (he) was ahead of its time."

- Paul Brown invented and implement the 1st plays using the West coast offence !

The Coaches that served under Paul Browns tutelage:
Bill Walsh: Multiple Super Bowl Wins
Bill Cowher: Multiple Super Bowl Wins
Don Shula Super Bowl winning Coach

Paul Brown led the way in Pro Football integration, one of the 1st coaches to sign black players. When on road games if hotels made black players use the back entrance, Coach Brown would not have his Bengals Stay there. 

Coach Browns "coaching family tree" is amazing! Google it !

You tell me, but it seems this coach should be honored, how about :

 The Paul Brown Trophy For Coaching Excellence 

WhoDey !

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