Sunday, December 4, 2011

We Were Who I Thought We Were, and Its All Good Bengal Fans!

Nov 27:

"12/4 @ Pittsburgh 28-27 Steelers......hmmmm, I really wish that first loss 3 weeks ago would have been @Heinz, because we could say: paybacks! Well heres to saying the same, but at Pitt, for Rookie Dalton it may be too much: Steelers Win, but wait what if, just what if Bengals shock the world? and Go 8-4, well then You know what? Playoffs! But for now it will be: 7-5"

Theres really not much to comment on, the kids just were not ready fo primetime today. The only prob was the final score, 35/38-??? the game was no surprise to me, chalk another learning experience up for the young boys....onto next week, and the D getting their swagger back, and Andy and the O getting there grove back: Onward!

Texans will not be easy, they continue to win with a strong D no matter who the QB is. Rams in dome, new environment for Dalton, then home v Cards & Purple Birds, 1 week at a time Cincy!

WHO DEY? !! yes Pitt i Know WE DEY: this time! ;)

Sunday Night Football update:“@CincyGy: Coach Dungy on @SNFonNBC sais #Bengals have leg up on WC with three homegames: Texans/Ravens will be tough, But who am I 2 argue ;)”

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