Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gotta Be In IT, To Win IT, and guess whos back in IT WhoDeys ;)

Well here we go again, with the win over the Rams today, the National media is talking about Cincy playoff possibilities. Thats 8 times we we have played losing teams and we have won them all. At this rate, theres only one winning team remaining on our sked that can keep us from the Playoffs: Baltiomore! Final Game at PBS. If Jets and Cincy win out, its comes down to strength of sked. From

» The Bengals and Jets are tied for that last AFC Wild Card spot at 8-6 overall and 6-5 in the AFC. But if they finish tied, says the Jets still hold the tiebreakers based on best winning percentage in common games. Plus, the Jets have a higher strength of victory percentage at .396-.304

Winning only against losers (the what if's loom large now: what if we had just fallen on the fumble v Texans, what if we could have sucked it up a few more minutes to beat the Steelers) is getting old, but it is what it is, and those W's are great stepping stones for the young squad.  We have one more chance (at least) to overcome that sad status versus B'more. 

Superstar: Green, as he breaks the 1000 yard mark with another 100 + game he is now 3 yards (or somethin like that) from  #80, Collinsworth rookie yards record. Coincidently the long lanky one, recieved his bombs from another #14 one Kenny Anderson, nice karma for young Dalton ;)

Thoughts/Tweets during the game: (One thing that was itching me wrong were the fans frustration over Rams playing us tough in the first half, folks, we are a young team on the road, since when is this team so entitled to beat the Rams up? This team is still forming, we should barely be favored on the Road v anyone!) 

O BTW Jets play Giants in Meadowlands (hmmmm) and @ Dolphins (double hmmmm) I like ;)

At The half: when the stat worst team in the NFL was beating us with chip shots 6-3:

@ Steven S Not sure where  Playoff (talk) came from, dont deserve it folks W's (over) Bills/Browns/Titans/Jags/Colts/Sea Chickens=losing teams, Not Ready YET!

@ ESPN Stats & Info 

Andy Dalton cleared 3,000 passing yards this season for . 2011 is 1st NFL season with 2 rookie QB throw for 3,000+ yards (Newton).

And with Tebowmania about to strike (ooops, Pats said nope!) and Dolphins anchients cebrating Pack loss:

@ Steven S 

My  keep beating up on losers only, Miami Blue hairs pop champagne again, and Hoody Vs Goody kickin off 

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‎#NFL Sundays are so much better when #Bengals win! Thank you boys for showing up!

And Finally. Katelyn summed it all up:

 Katelyn Kinnett ♥:

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