Friday, October 28, 2011

Palmer: From Bengal Hurler to Raider Wash Out?


Carson Palmer Timeline:

Bengal Hurler > Cali Quitter > Raider Savior? (chukle) = Cincys Pirate Booty: 2 first round draft picks! >Back to Raider Hurler or Raider Washout: time will tell.....

At first glance Palmers return from of his self elected "retirement" seemed like a win/win for the Bengals and Palmer. Palmer gets to play again, and Mike Browns curmudgeonly old stubborn ways netted Cincy 1 for sure, and possibly 2, 1st round draft picks. Nice! And by the looks of it, it was the same ol' "lack-of-confidence" Palmer, who threw three interceptions in his over-hyped debut. Sorry Raiders, we wish you the best, and Palmer much success but guess what: WE GOT OVER! and WE GOT DALTON! I truly cant believe Brown won an off field bargaining victory, but he did and we reap the bene's of this move for years to come!

Look what Palmers Quitting has netted:

1. Dalton Starting! and Wala! A rookie who is hungry, talented, un-tainted by the Bungles past and: Winning: Immediately!
2. 1 guaranteed 1st round draft pick
3. 1 possible 1st round draft (Raiders have to win a playoff game in 2011 for this to happen)
4. Raiders have to pay Palmers 2011: 11 Million salary, While we pay Dalton 1.3 Mill, I say Brown should buy us all beers with that extra cash for wasted years w/Palmer, Ok ,well take a reinvestment in the team, or Mike how about that Practice Bubble so you don't have to mooch of the Bearcat digs!

Palmers Quitting: A Huge Bengal Blessing of surprises!

We cant forget the good times: There were some great games Carson, we thank you for wins over the Steelers:

But too often you ended up like this, bloodied and beaten:
And to top it off, The Hit, the one moment you did your best to come back, others take the same hit and make it back, sorry Carson. it happened but what could have been, eh?


Many are praising this acquisition of  a weaker looking Palmer, as the next "Franchize QB of the Raiders, for years to come"  quoted by JT the Brick, a Raider Homer on Fox radio. He was beside himself, and all I could do was chuckle. Why? Palmer hasn't been an effective leader, a dominator of the field for years His soft spoken style left many wondering about his ability to motivate a group of hungry men down a field, and always made me wonder if he had IT! IT = the kind of instinct that makes a player dive headfirst, "Elway style" into a wall of line backers to score. If your not that kind of QB, then you better have the confidence of a Montana/or Brady: Palmer never did in my book. Or one better have the surgery-minded-bring-your-team-to-the-line-and-strike style of a Peyton Manning. What do all those QB's have in common: SB Rings, and Palmer teams never won 1 playoff game, it shocks me to this day to say that.
It always seemed Palmer never put all the necessary SB QB traits together, although exhibiting them individually from time to time, It was never enough, and now looking back on his Bengal career, what happened in the end: He Quit.  When he first did this I agreed with him, wondering why anyone would want to stay on this sinking ship called the "Bungles". Well I was wrong, and the youth of Dalton, Green, an already ranked #1 Defense have proved me wrong and I'm happy to recognize it! In the end, you can never, "JUST QUIT BABY!" (Doesnt seem like ol Al Davis' (RIP) "JUST WIN BABY", style would have taken a quitter does it?)  Palmer has that label now, (and my Navy Buddy Marty M's: "'Dem Raiders" are the ones that have to deal with it, why they, deal us: 2 FIRST ROUND DRAFT PICKS! (giggle giggle I cant stop, sorry)

We wish Palmer the best, really: a healthy, rejuvenated career to the Cali Boy, but as a dear friend of mine said in Cincy: "the Folks in Cincy have already moved on " Oh yes, we have, and what did we get: 2 first round picks for a guy who didn't want to be in Cincy, who played horribly in 2010, leading last years "Bungles" to a putrid 4-12 season, and who's leadership qualities never truly materialized in Cincy. The quiet leader left Cincy, with an un-established legacy, when you quit, you got out with a whimper, not a roar, and the Stripes in Cincy may be poised to roar again. Even if the young new Bengals are more like young cats finding their way in the NFL Jungle, it sure is fun watching them, and when was the last time we said that about Palm...what was his name? That's right, doesn't matter, Bengals have suddenly become relevant and headed is a new direction, with draft picks to come. Ill take those any day over a Mike Brown bought beer (it prob would have been a cheep 'Nati Light anyway) Now Mike just don't screw the pic's, K? ;)

Who Dey!?

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