Monday, October 31, 2011

Dalton blew past NFL rookie puberty and Carroll blames Harmones??!! Say What?

Before I get to the praise of the maturing young WhoDeys I just came upon Carrolls excuse for his coaching bumble: Raging Hormones? Well this Seattle Fans hormones were certainly raging, i think.....
Hes (she? it?) is either saying "Come to me my little seachickens you need a hug" (and a QB) or "Thats right its 4th and 2, we dont need guaranteed points, were in Daltons Head, run it in for 6". OOOPS, not so fast, said one of the top Defenses in the league. Cincy's D held going into the half and Carrolls blaming hormones!! hahah, what???
Carrolls hormonal rant: "We learned about what happens when a coach gets hormonal and tries to freakin' jam it down their throat..." Wait, what? The last time I checked ( and i just did to make sure ) Raging Hormones is a welcome thing for boys when women have them! Coach were not too sure what to say, but were glad your hormones were acting up Sunday!

While Carroll was having strange biological coaching flubs, Dalton was busy kinda doing the same: Advanced NFL Rookie Puberty! He has reached it and is knocking down the walls. Heard on ESPN after the Bengals Victory: "Dalton is the leading Rookie of the year Candidate" He handled the vaunted 12th man noise like all get out. Yes there were a few false starts early, but Cincy got up 10-3 early and never looked back. Leading TD passes to a surging and goal-post-dunking Simpson. Green dinking the double move on a Seahawk defender who ankles were so wobbly he never caught up with Green who streaked in for the TD on a beaut of a ball by the Rifle. And defense subbing for a scrathced Rey Rey with players like Frostee putting Whitehurst in the sack hurt locker and Scott filling in nicely for Benson. Dont forget PacMan: first touch in 12 months: Boom! Oh how pleasantly surprised we all are, and how refreshing!

Early winning in a rookie career can go a long way, the amount of confidence that comes with winning can build a foundation that's hard to shake. Ask a young later round pick named one Joe Montana. What Bengal QB ever started 5-2...Hmmm Doug don't make me go look this up (ill give u a few days ;) Anyone?

First West Coast win since frikkin 2003!
First Sweep and Winning October since the Reds were capturing their first of the back 2 back VS Chowds: 1975!

Yes the first 7 games were the easy part of our shed, record of Oct opponents: 9-19 Novembers 18-11. Dalton and the youngins will be tested. Steeler week approaches! 

Hope all had a Happy Halloween, the Orange and Black of the 'Nati Tricked and Treated us to a sweet Win! Thanks Rifle and Boys! Onward!

 Who Dey!

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