Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fresh Air in Bengalnation

This Blog was created during the debacle that was the 2010 Bengals, there simply wasn't a reason to get excited, well along comes Andy Dalton, AJ, Jerome, and Rey Rey Rey chompin', and a team that doesn't know Bungle history, Hello 2011, Hello refreshing outlook, Anybody want to buy my Carson Jersey: Cheap? (I won it at a Sports bar)

Ocho & TO Gone, Palmer quit/Gone, annnnnddd: The Bengals are winning,  WITH the coaching staff and owner that get all the blame, BUT the New Players on the field, with a  POSITIVE, UNSELFISH, attitude: their winning,  No Coincidence! Palmer not wanting to report and honor his contract (something that at the time I supported and I was wrong, you don't quit: ever!) may have been the best thing that happened to Cincy in the off season, Go ahead with your bad self: Andy Dalton, Aj Green, Rey Rey etc. Welcome to the fresh air ;) We needed you!

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