Monday, October 26, 2015

Sorry Fellow #WhoDeys Bengals gonna be 6-1

Some of you are going to quickly label me a pessimist. If you've never read this blog you are unfamiliar with my salt shaker:

The Bengals Decade of the 90's jaded me for ever. The Carson Palmer era almost brought me out of it. The turncoat Cali Boy did his best yellow belly move not honoring his contract. I don't want to hear that "Well it was Mike Browns fault". There were over 50 other players that honored their contracts and showed up, it's not just you and your contract Cali boy it's about the Team you let down. One day (with the help of a Ring ;))) I will bury you along with the decade of the '90's  "Bungles" from my consciousness. The 2015 Bengals are doing much to help my condition, thank you boys :)So you see I am a damaged realist, not a pessimist at all. That being said Fellow WhoDeys we take one on the undefeated chin this week V the Yellow and Black:

Tomlin (Much Respect, BTW if we had him over "Sarcastic King Lewis" We WOULD have a playoff win in the last 4 years) has said RBurger returns v. Bengals in week 8. 

Squealers swept us last year, they win Sunday. There coming off a tough loss, and their backs are against the wall in the Big Ketchup bottle . Should the Bengals play this season point towards a 
Bengals win, maybe?  But my gut sais that after the bye, we slow our roll, Bengals lose this Sunday and then DRUB Cleveland on Thursday Night Fball. Don't worry Bengal fans we beat The Burgh in
the second game in the jungle ;)

4 things may prove me wrong (hopefully ;)
1. Roethlisburger doesn't play (or Dunlap WWE's him and whacks the ankle)
2. It's a 1pm game, Andys "Prime Time"
3. Bengals D has best game of the year, mainly our sometimes shredded secondary's, is Denard ready yet !?? ;)
4. Dalton continues his never before witnessed kick-ass-ery

Go Ahead and prove me wrong 'Nati Bengals I'm cool with that ;)

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