Monday, October 12, 2015

At 5-0 These Bengals are Not your Daddy's' Bengals, well unless he was a Ken Anderson Fan like Myself ;)

1st let me apologize for my "few years sabbatical" from this Blog: Career change etc, not that anyone noticed, but if your reading this: thank you ! :)

Yesterday's Heart stopping, hand wrenching Comeback by My Bengals: An Instant Classic !

For a few years now a dear FB friend (well, and fellow HS Alum) has  affectionately dubbed/Glossed Andy Dalton with the moniker: "Opie". Why you ask ? Probably his happy go lucky, fixing-his-cool-Ginger-hair-due-on-the-sideline, smiling and "awe shucking" 0-4 Playoff self. Well that is over ! Tonight (while watching the Bolts hopefully humble that yellow and gold team from the Burg ;) I will toast The "New" Andy Dalton/AD/The Red Rifle and ceremoniously bury the name "Opie" from my

Why ?: His never say die play and attitude, his "demanding a play from the sideline" when he wants the up tempo to roll. His leading of  two amazing comebacks already  (Bmore and Seattle). He's earned respect, admiration and us True Bengals fans Having his back !

There will or never should be any booing of Op... See ! Lol.. Andy at a celebrity softball game in Cincy again. He's earned that! Of course the inspired Defense, the amazing wealth of targets he has, Coach Hue Jacksons creative play calling (did you see the line shifts early on ???) are all necessary ingredients to this fun start ! More please !

Even Coach Marvin Lewis In his own strange way is doing his part to motivate Andy (from my FB page last nite: I just heard Marvin's post game comment on Dalton "He hasn't Changed, the players around him have raised there...." Huh ? The main reason We're winning is due solely to the play of
Dalton!!!  He's probably staying with the "keep all pressure of Andy" thing :)

The entire team gets credit, heck maybe even Ol'  Mike Brown ;) #WhoDey ? Next !

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