Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bengals Finally Beat A Winning Team (after the fact) oh..& Deservingly: "Back" into the Playoffs

Bengals.com (Old Fat Rey Rey missing the future of the Who Deys ;)

The winning team they beat you ask? Why the Titans! By winning their last two games, the Houston Oil...err Tenn Titans(that was Earl Campbell old schoolish) ended 9-7 and thanks to losing to Cincy, Bengals win tiebreaker. While boringly losing to the Dirty birds in game 16 and watching Ray Rice slice up the jungle like a cat in our litte box, we backed in. But "Won Enough" And Were in! Yea...Oh sorry...YEA! We lost and we got in, not the strongest way to enter the postseason, where playoff intensity is diff than the reg season. My tweet of the power and mystery behind the magical fate ;)

 Steven S 

“Tim Tebow's latest miracle: Sending My Bengals to playoffs”


 Steven S 

"I read his lips while he was Tebowing: "Please Let us lose so Steves  can get in the Playoffs" I'm sold now! The power of Tebow ;)"

So I'm now over the dissapointment of losing to Ravens, not establishing that "signature win" that would be nice for Andy to hang his 10 gallon texas hat on. These boys deserve the playoffs for playing their hearts out all year, while a new O coordinator, (brother of Chuckie) was getting his OJT along with our exciting rooks. And you know who else deserves it? WE DO! Thats right Bengal nation, we put up with the Batman and Robin showboat, Palmer quitting, and general Bunglenes, setting up what we all thought would be a disaster season and our Boys gave us much more! So we will take it!

So everyone is picking Cincy over Texans, wish I was THAT confident, but I am....confident, that is and you know why: 

Andy Dalton is 4-0 at Reliant Field from his TCU Days....and He's comin home: I like ;) Also, this is notyour 2009 Bungles who laid down v Jets in Final game losing what was already dissipating momentum, no your 2011 Bengals played hard till the last whistle!

And Finally, yours truly:

Playoffs? PLAYOFFS!!!??

1985, Miramar Naval Air Station, VF-51 BEQ, Toga party, (You know Im always repping the Nati ;)

WHO DEY? Tehas ?

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